Thin Film Batteries: What They Are and How They’re Made

Technological advancements have allowed makers to design and build devices that are both smaller and more powerful than ever before. These advancements have fueled a need for increasingly small and powerful batteries. Today, the most popular battery platform is the lithium-ion battery — but the future lies in the potential of thin film batteries.

What is a Thin Film Battery?

Thin film batteries are created by stacking thin layers of battery components (cathode and anode current collectors) together on a substrate. These layers, which are as small as 5 microns in size, are deposited using magnetron sputtering and thermal evaporation. The result is an extremely compact and efficient battery that is less than a millimeter thick.

Why Use Thin Film Batteries?

Thin film batteries have many advantages over traditional rechargeable batteries.

  • Safety: because thin film batteries contain solid state materials and an inorganic glass electrolyte, there is no risk of spilling, boiling or gassing.
  • Temperature resistance: traditional batteries are prone to failure and significantly reduced capacity at temperatures exceeding 60° Celsius, but thin film batteries have stability at temperatures ranging from as low as -40° to as high as 150°, making them useful for devices such as high temperature sensors.
  • Longevity: thin film batteries have been cycled over 45,000 times with little to no loss of capacity, while thicker batteries have a far lower cycle capacity (often less than 2,000)
  • Cost savings: owing to their small size, thin film batteries will become less costly to produce once the technology has been refined and widely adopted.
  • Performance: the more researchers explore the possibilities of thin film batteries, the better performing they become. Today, high-performance thin film batteries have an impressive power rate capability.

How Are Thin Film Batteries Made?

The components in a thin film battery are placed using two deposition technologies called magnetron sputtering and thermal evaporation.

  • Thermal evaporation: a physical vapour deposition technique where a material is placed in a high-vacuum chamber and heated to its evaporation point, forcing molecules to dislodge and travel to the surface of an object. There, the molecules nucleate together to form a thin coating.
  • Magnetron sputtering: involves generating a gaseous plasma in a sealed, high-vacuum chamber in order to deposit metal molecules onto the surface of an object. The environment inside the chamber causes metal ions to dislodge from the source and travel onto the object, coating it with a thin layer of metal.

These techniques are performed using highly advanced machinery that is usually operated by a trained engineer. Click here for further information about sputtering and evaporation systems.

iPhone Uncovered

One of the last points in my time, and I’m not really kidding, is when my iPhone 8 screen shattered.

Certainly, I’m not going to pay the full price for an iPhone 8, even to obtain the new 8s just to replace out my cracked screen. The problem was I was walking minding my business and I dropped my iPhone. And the screen cracked. I dropped it, it was my fault. But luckily I had options and so do you.

I think the first point you do is kick yourself in the butt for failure to a iPhone glass protector or case. Yes, you are right some iPhone screens break EVEN when you do all those careful things that the genius bar at the apple store and even your friendly wireless phone people tell you – and the front screen still shatters.

Don’t Panic-Ok, you are probably telling me to be quiet now. But do not panic. You have options. Options with a shattered iPhone 8 screen that I’m going to discuss. But to state the obvious, panic sometimes makes us not think as clearly as we should. And it impairs our good judgment. If you panic, you cannot take advantage of the measures to come that I’m going to share. So calm down. Stop crying. Wipe your noes and listen up.

The very same discussion is held when it is a question of cheap unlocked cell phones and the new iPhone on the market. Is the iPhone better than the other products or it’s just marketing? The reality is that the iPhone phone is really great, it’s timely and reliable and has a large design, but it’s limiting the users to certain applications, it will enable them to transfer data through a single program and so on. When it comes to the cheap unlocked cell phones, things are little bit different. They can match the components and the characteristics of the iPhone and additionally, they allow the users to put any kind of information on their phones and the relocation process is really simple: you just plug in the cable and everything else is done naturally.

Android phones are cheaper and offer better features compared to any iPhone. Both iPhone and Google have the same turn-by-turn navigation I.e. Google Maps. Since the app is a product from Google and so is Android, it is quite obvious that Android phones will receive better support and services than an iPhone or any other phone running different OS. As mentioned before, Android brings to you plenty of apps to customize your phone. Many apps are available for free. However, there are many apps that need to be purchased. However, the good thing is a piece you will have all the apps and if you do not like any app, you can ask for money back within 15 minutes.

But, What About?

Another advantage Android phones have over iPhone is that it has got removable battery. So when you will be aware that you need to override the battery, you can simply go to shop and purchase a new one. Many Android OS phones are high-end phones that come with many advanced hardware features such as HDMI. You can simply connect your phone to your television with HDMI feature.

Let’s widen this android topic

One last thing that should be mentioned when it is a question of cheap unlocked cell phones is the very fact that they’re not as expensive as the iPhone. There are some situations when you can actually buy two phones at the cost of an Apple product. You might say that if it’s so expensive, it has to be truly good and the cheap unlocked cell phones are simple toys. It’s a very wrong assumption because when you’re watching the specifications of both phones you can see a very strong resemblance, especially thanks to the new releases today. The advice isn’t to choose one brand over another, the advice here is to select the phone or the tablet that best suits your needs and is able to make your daily routines a lot easier.

Protect the Heart of Your Home Comfort System

You probably don’t think much about your furnace when it’s warm outside and that’s natural. However, forgetting about it entirely until the cold weather rolls in could prove to be an unfortunate mistake. It is important to have all aspects of your HVAC system inspected annually. Having a professional technician examine your furnace during late summer or early fall can allow you to find out about potential problems well in advance. That leaves you plenty of time to arrange and pay for repairs before you need that furnace to kick in and keep everyone warm.

Should the unit break down, don’t worry as emergency furnace repair is readily available. Ideally, the provider you choose should have an expert technician there as soon as possible before the temperature inside your home dips down too low.

When investigating furnace repair in Toronto, check out the providers and their service area (not all of them cover the full GTA). Also, do your homework. Call family and friends and ask who they would recommend (and who you should avoid) based on their experiences. While time is of the essence when your house is getting cold, don’t be afraid to ask questions before committing. What are their rates? How soon can they send someone out? What sort of repair guarantee do they offer? While it is uncomfortable, don’t just necessarily choose the first company you talk to. Speed, skill, and honesty are very important when it comes to working with equipment this large and intricate, so you don’t want to cut corners in this area.

Even the best furnaces don’t last forever, alas. If you are in the market for a new one, remember to look for the Energy Star seal. That is certified proof that the device is energy efficient and will get the job done without breaking the bank.

Local Furnace Repair Company

furnacerepairThe cold season is on the way. Everybody wanted to have a good experience during the cold season. Throughout this period, you wanted to stay warm and comfortable at home with your loved ones. Preparations for this season is a must. Like stocking of foods, clean water, comfy comforters and clothes available, and working furnace. The heating system at home will help you keep up during the cold weather. Without it, you will be uncomfortable and will not enjoy the cold season with your family. Getting your heating system in good condition makes you and your family confident and stress free.

To make you heating system always in good condition, you must have a proper maintenance of your furnace. Neglecting your unit will get you and your family in big trouble. There are many local furnace repair company that can assist you if the warranty of the unit is finish. If you wanted to avoid the unit breakdown during winter, preventive measures are needed. Tune ups must be done to your heating system. It improves the performance, doubles the life of your equipment, save energy and prevent future costly repairs. If you need an emergency repair, there are companies can give assistance 24/7.

During the maintenance, you only hire people that are credible to do the job to avoid unnecessary incident that can troubled you when the cold period arrives. Letting your heating system fix by someone that know a little can cost you more than directing to the real professionals. If you care and want a convenient experience during this period, hire a skilled and trained expert. The hvac repairs and checkups must be performed by professionals and trusted company. They are the one can help you get through this cold weather. They give affordable rates, expert prevention, quality equipment and fast repairs.

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